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Minecraft Dinosaur Safari

Encounter dinosaurs in an immersive prehistoric world complete with lush forests, expansive deserts, and mysterious caves. Use creativity, survival, and problem-solving skills to build a secure dinosaur habitat, complete a fossil fuel scavenger...

Bruce the Bug Guy

Curious about creepy crawlies? Bruce the Bug Guy's Bug Show will teach you about insects and arthropods using Show ‘n Tell, storytelling, and hands-on activities that include LIVE critters! This presentation will be on June 20 at 2 PM. This program...

Pokémon Club

We choose you! Team up with local Pokémon trainers to show off and trade cards, create Pokémon bookmarks, and more! This program is on June 25 from 4 to 5 pm.

3D Printer

Time to create! Our 3D printer is up and running and ready for public use. What is a 3D printer? A 3D printer uses computer software to print out 3-dimensional plastic objects layer-by-layer. How do I use the library’s 3D printer? 1. Make a design...

Book Subscription Service!

Are your kids struggling with reading? Do they love to read but aren’t sure what to read next? Sign up for our book subscription service! We will pick out books based on your wants/needs and add a snack and craft. You will pick up your book subscription at the beginning of each month. Follow the link below to sign up now!

Activity Backpack Kits

Backpack activity kits must be picked up at and returned to the Amery Area Public Library.

To request a backpack kits, call 715.268.9340